Prof. RNDr. Luděk Beneš, DrSc.

Pharmaceutical chemist
Year of birth: 
honorary member
Year of joining: 

Pharmaceutical Faculty, Veterinary and Pharmaceutical University, Brno, Czech Republic

Research interests: 
Pharmaceutical chemistry - Design, synthesis, and isolation of new chemical substances as potential pharmaceuticals, structure-activity relationship analysis with special interest to physical-chemical properties and chirality of the new compounds. Study of new drugs with local anesthetic, spasmolytic, gastric cytoprotective, beta-adrenolytic, antihypertensive, antidysrrhythmic, antihypoxic, antibacterial, and antiviral actions as well as drugs affecting reactive oxygen and nitrogen species interfering with oxidative stress, cognitive function enhancers, caspase inhibitors, enhancers of transdermal drug diffusion.
Top results: 
  1. Discovery and synthesis of new potential drugs with local anesthetic, antidysrrhythmic, antiulcerose, antiviral, and antiradical properties.
  2. Three of the new compounds have reached different levels of clinical analysis, namely: a) preparation designed for treatment of burns containing the new compound carbizocaine, b) pentacaine (trapencain I.N.N.) as pharmaceutical with antiulcer action, c) stobadine, drug with antidysrrhythmic and antihypoxic actions interfering with reactive oxygen and nitrogen species.
  3. The findings obtained were covered by 67 patents and patent pend, 14 of them international, and were comprised in >340 publications cited >590 times (2007).

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